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Port Bouvard Fish Shack

The Port Bouvard Fish Shack is Mandurah's award winning fish and chip shop. Along with burgers, toasties, brecky and outstanding views from the BYO alfresco deck, this place has it all.  

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Other possible future plans

We are also continuing to work through the planning stages of the proposed 14 short-stay accommodation units to be built between the main facility and the A-Jetty gate house.  The plan if for these to follow the same design as the existing facility and be no higher than the existing facility to assist with uniform blending.  Stay tuned for further info as it becomes available! Many...

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Long Term Pen Offer!

5 or 10 year period! 8% discount on standard rates! No price increases! Refund on any full years unused* As an example:  You can save around $1,000 per year on a 12 metre pen!! If this interests you, drop us an email or phone and we will be in contact to discuss all the terms and conditions and supply you with a 'Frequently Asked Questions' brochure with pricing.  Call Kim now on...

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Dawes Bait & Tackle

Dawes Bait & Tackle shop at the marina have a new web site, with all their products plus weather, tide tables and more!!  Go to our LINKS page and take a look!

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